Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Moral clarity, cont'd

Archbishop Chaput [of Denver] dismissed the argument that abortion is only one among many issues to be considered in an election year. He explained: "abortion is separated from other important social issues like affordable housing by a difference in kind, not a difference in degree. Every abortion kills an unborn human life -- every time. No matter what kind of mental gymnastics we use, elective killing has no excuse. We only implicate ourselves by trying to provide one."

In this respect, the archbishop drew a distinction between the abortion issue and other political questions, on which reasonable people might differ. The difference, he said, is that "every abortion is a grave act of violence."

The archbishop repeated his complaint that proponents of legal abortion are seeking to silence Catholics, and others who are opposed to the practice. "The only way to stop this coercion is to send the right men and women to Congress," he said.

Voters cannot remain neutral on the issue, Archbishop Chaput continued. He reasoned: "No violence is ever private. That includes abortion. What we choose to allow, we choose to own."

Monday, October 28, 2002

George Will gets it right on abortion

in today's Jewish World Review. Reading Will reminds me of my years in the DC area, of how much fun it is to wake up to the dead tree version of the Post, especially the day after a Redskins victory. Sorry, Colts fans.

Thursday, October 24, 2002

An ally at UPI?

"Bundle of joy, bundle of cash." That's the heading for today's abortion-related news in the UPI Capital Comment today. My gut's telling me a pro-lifer wrote that. See the rest of the story and let me know if you think I'm off my rocker...

Bundle of joy, bundle of cash -- The Planned Parenthood Action Fund announced Wednesday a $2 million program to educate voters in key Senate races and to help elect abortion rights candidates through direct political action committee contributions. State and local affiliates will be working in 35 states and hope to reach more than a million voters through door-to-door canvassing, mail and phone campaigns. "'It's the Senate, Stupid.' That's our mantra for the 2002 election," Planned Parenthood Action Fund President Gloria Feldt said. "The U.S. Senate is our last defense against the Bush administration's anti-choice agenda. We are fighting hard to keep pro-choice senators in control." The fund plans on spending the bulk of the money on Senate races in Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire and Texas.

Given the content, I just can't fathom a pro-choicer choosing that title. I like it!

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Today's recipient of the Pro-Life Chutzpah Award

is Denver's Archbishop Charles Chaput, OFM Cap, who said no pro-choice politician is worthy of a Catholic's vote. Right on. There's one man who understands the primary function of gov't: to protect the innocent, especially those who can't protect themselves.

Superb post involving murder of a baby

over on In Between Naps, Amy Welborn's cyber home. The baby's father beat the baby's mother, who gave birth a few days later. The baby, conceived only 23 weeks earlier, died soon after birth. The coroner ruled the death a homicide from blunt force trauma.

Welborn writes,

...[T]hat same baby at that same gestational age could endure more than blunt trauma at the hands of an abortionist and no one would go to jail, no one would be charged with homicide, the people who did it would make a lot of money, and the whole thing would be called a "choice" worth celebrating.

Could anybody have said that better? Ms. Welborn -- will you please run for office?

Excellent piece on Planned Parenthood's warm fuzziness for statutory rapists

by a Hoover fellow named Jennifer Roback Morse. This gal knows of what she speaks. My own take on this topic is somewhere in the slightly error-ridden archives, around the beginning of October, I think.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Straw men are in fashion this time of year

Today's straw man: "if only pro-lifers would care half as much about the born," blah blah blah. You know the tune.

The latest lyrics were drafted in the Nebraska Regents' race, where fetal and embryonic stem cell research are big factors. As reported in yesterday's WSJ, the incumbent, pro-choicer Nancy O'Brien, "warns that interfering with fetal-tissue research would discourage other groundbreaking medical research." Here's her little argument, which violates several rules of logic:

"What's next? Are we suddenly going to say we aren't doing AIDS research because we don't like the lifestyle of the people who contract it?"

Yes, Ms. O'Brien, I'm against this type of research because I hate Christopher Reeve. The adult stem cell research should press onward, but only for the people I like.

Monday, October 21, 2002

Three in five Russian pregnancies end in abortion

If that's not sad enough, Russia's not even in first place. Romania has the honor.

How many TV series do you know of that send the right message?

Not many, right? Right. Well I just watched a re-run of JAG and was pleasantly surprised. On this re-run, a female helicopter pilot in the Marines commits the crime of fraternization with an enlisted man and is to be booted out of the Corps. A congresswoman interested in the case flies in to make sure the pilot doesn't get railroaded. The pilot tells the congresswoman that she's five weeks pregnant (by the enlisted man). I fully expected the congresswoman to tell her to have an abortion. Instead, upon being told by the pilot that she's lost everything she loves (i.e., the Corps), the congresswoman says, "that's not true. You haven't lost your baby."

A congresswoman in favor of women in combat calls a five-week old unborn child a baby. I don't know about you, but that sent a message loud and clear to me: we've got someone in Hollywood besides Patricia Heaton, Mel Gibson, Kathy Ireland, and Ben Stein. (Welcome, Google searchers. Sorry if this isn't what you were looking for. Well, not really.)

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

UN Population Fund to world religions: help us deprive you of adherents

Let's pray that the UNFPA, which is pushing its poverty reduction through abortion agenda, meets resistance wherever Catholicism and Islam predominate. Thankfully for the unborn, that encompasses much of the developing world. The story is here.

Monday, October 14, 2002

Light blogging this week

due to business trip. BTW, anybody have suggestions about fun stuff in Spokane?

UN Population Fund to world religions: help us deprive you of adherents

Let's pray that the UNFPA, which is pushing its poverty reduction through abortion agenda, meets resistance wherever Catholicism and Islam predominate. Thankfully for the unborn, that encompasses much of the developing world. The story is here.

Saturday, October 12, 2002

Quote of the day: "What good is voter rights for an aborted child?"

This weekend the true inheritors of MLK Jr. and his ilk are marching in Birmingham on behalf of the unborn. I love it. This is the kind of news I like to see when I start the day!

"Abortion is the genocide on the black community," says Damon Owens, national spokesman for LEARN [Fayetteville, N.C.-based Life Education and Resource Network]. "This is not the legacy civil rights was supposed to have"...

Organizers said abortion is a step backward for blacks after strides made in the 1960s. "What good is voter rights for an aborted child?" asks Mr. Hunter [Rev. Johnny Hunter, national director of LEARN]...

What good, indeed!

Friday, October 11, 2002

PP = statutory rapists' best friend

Life Dynamics, as you may know, has done a clever bit of investigative reporting. In case you haven't heard, LD had an adult actress portray a 13-year-old seeking an abortion. Upon being told over the phone that the father was 22, PP clinics throughout IL did NOTHING. Evil men who impregnate young girls --children-- have a best friend in PP, at least in IL, where the minimum age for getting an abortion without parental consent is 12. Get rid of the evidence, keep it private, and get off scot free. Abortion and PP make the world better! For women. For girls. For statutory rapists.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

Red Rag Top, a new Tim McGraw song, sends wrong message on abortion


THE SONG is about a 20-year-old man who gets an 18-year-old woman pregnant. “Life was fast and the world was cruel,” McGraw sings in the second verse. “We were young and wild. We decided not to have a child. So we did what we did and we tried to forget. And we swore up and down there would be no regrets.”

Several radio stations, including WSM-FM in Nashville and WCOS in Columbia, S.C., yanked the song from the air after callers complained.

Perhaps most interesting is the following:

“It’s a very poignant song,” Olivia Gans, director of American Victims of Abortions, tells The Scoop. “It reflects what really happens in the lives of people who go down this road. . . . the questions of what if, if only, and why didn’t I?”

Poignant, yes. Realistic, yes. But that doesn't change the fact that lots of young folks are going to hear what McGraw says in this song, and feel "validated," as the psychologists I work with like to say.

The gag rule on campus

Many lawyers impress me with their uncanny ability to cut to the heart of the issue, argue cogently, and reason by analogy. But some are just plain silly. Examples of the latter, some still in training, abound at Washington University School of Law, where a pro-life student group is fighting to be approved by the Student Bar Association (SBA).

On Sept. 10, after the SBA voted down the application, Friedman [president of SBA] sent a letter to Law Students Pro-Life Chairman Jordan Siverd listing three salient "concerns" of SBA representatives. (These were not necessarily Freidman's own views.) The first was that a "pro-life" organization should also oppose the death penalty.

I'm sorry, but last time I checked, the right to free association didn't include the need for people outside your association to find your positions consistent.

The second "concern" was the suggestion that the organization be revamped "to encourage and facilitate discussion of the issues as a whole, not simply the pro-life side of certain issues."

Clearly, a Jewish students group should be required to host discussions along the lines of, "Holocaust: Myth Created By Well-Placed Zionists?"

The third was that the organization "should be open to those students both subscribing to and disagreeing with the political viewpoint."

That's right, make sure that KKK members can join a black students group.

I think it's time for Wash U to replace its profs of Constitutional law.

When the abortion clinic, not the pro-lifer, puts an unborn baby in a jar

Find the whole sick story here.

A woman who had an abortion was stunned to find the foetus left in a jar after a hospital blunder. Nicola McManus made the horrific discovery when she was left in a room to answer a phone call from her husband. The jar was labelled with her name. She said: "I fell apart. I couldn't believe anyone could be careless enough just to leave it lying there. That image will live with me forever." Mum-of-three Nicola, 27, received a a full apology from the hospital but plans to sue North Glasgow NHS Trust, claiming the handling of the abortion left her psychologically scarred...

Nicola filed an official complaint and received an apologetic letter from the trust which said the room was not normally used by patients. General manager Mary McGinley wrote: "Unfortunately, the products of conception from your termination were in a labelled jar ready to be sent to pathology and awaiting collection. The ward sister apologises for the obvious distress this has caused you."

Do pro-choicers ever stop to think why seeing "products of conception" causes women so much distress? Will a woman who's had her appendix removed see it and cry? Oh, and pssst, Ms. McGinley, we're all products of conception.

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Jewish population in US is declining

Find the story here. It's the same old thing -- interfaith marriage and secularization of Jewry more generally. No doubt these play a role. But conveniently for a people that overwhelmingly defends the right to murder unborn children at any point, for any reason, there's nothing about abortion. Surprise!

Memo to born Jews: help by not murdering unborn Jews.

Does CA's federalist grab for abortion rights mean we must decide: pro-life first? Or conservative first? What do you think?

Check out this piece by Wendy McElroy. In it she gives a nice overview of current legislative efforts in CA to codify the right to baby murder in state law. This is akin to sticking a finger in the eye of an administration that might conceivably turn the tide on federal abortion law, including Roe v. Wade if any liberal justices pass away during the next two years (more likely six years given the president's incumbency advantage).

This presents an interesting struggle for a conservative. On the one hand, I like it when power devolves to the states. As Hayek said in the economic realm, knowledge resides in millions of little places throughout society, not in some centralized bureau (e.g., a politburo). It's best to leave most decisions at the most local of levels.

But the same way this was a bad way to go when it came to slavery, as the country painfully discovered in the 1860s, it's a bad way to go when it comes to abortion. Some rights, like life, shouldn't be left to states to hand out. I believe the founders called such rights inalienable. States should have no more right to take away innocents' right to life than they should have to take away innocents' right to liberty (see Civil War) or innocents' right to pursue happiness.

So I guess that means I'm pro-life first and conservative second. Or because I hew to the founders' vision, maybe that means it's not an either / or thing. Thoughts?

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

MD Jews now have an excellent reason to vote for the Republican (Robert Ehrlich) for governor: the Democrat (Kathleen Kennedy Townsend) has insulted them.

Check out yesterday's Washington Times editorial. Here's the gist:

Alarmed by a spate of press reports that Mr. Ehrlich is making inroads into the Jewish community, a longtime bastion of support for Democratic candidates, Mrs. Townsend met last month with editors of the Baltimore Jewish Times (JT) in an effort to re-emphasize her support for abortion, gun control and throwing more money at the public schools. "To put it mildly and succinctly, she came to the JT offices because she doesn't understand why any Jew who really understands the issues could support" Mr. Ehrlich, the newspaper, which has a somewhat liberal political bent, reported. Yet, appearing on WBAL Radio's "Bruce Elliott Show" last Saturday, Mrs. Townsend testily denied having told the Jewish Times any such thing. For its part, the Jewish Times stands by the quote.

Me, I can't understand why Townsend would say something so stupid. In public. And then deny it, instead of apologizing. Confucius say: Better to stay quiet and appear a fool, than to open mouth and remove all doubt.

Alan Guttmacher Institute numbers show abortion less common now than in 1994, except among low-income women.

Check out the story here. This is serious business for Planned Parenthood, which partially funds AGI. You see, PP (that's a dot.com, not a non-profit) makes lots of shekels on abortion, so it needs to drum up business among higher-income women -- the reimbursement rate is probably higher!

Monday, October 07, 2002

Detroit Cardinal Adam Maida steps up on Respect Life Sunday.

It's pretty clear he was talking about MI Attorney General Jennifer Granholm, a pro-choice, nominally Catholic pol running for governor, when he said:

"As we prepare for next month's election, it is important to note that Catholic public officials have a special moral obligation to understand and accept wholeheartedly the church's teaching on the dignity of innocent human life."

Over on In Between Naps today, Amy Welborn and readers note that not all priests used the day as Maida did.

Of course, I have my own lament: Where were all the pro-life rabbis yesterday? There's no rule against joining with Catholics when we're of the same mind. In fact, not doing so is meshugina.

Friday, October 04, 2002

On the massive power of words

A friend just pointed out this table, which comes from William Brennan's Dehumanizing the Vulnerable: When Word Games Take Lives. Check it out -- you won't be sorry.

Brennan has done a superb job collecting notorious words that dehumanize various groups, including the unborn, European Jews, women, etc. My favorite part is in the "nonhuman" row, where quotes from Hitler and a rabbi cuddle comfortably:

"Jews are undoubtedly a race, but not human." - Adolf Hitler, 1923

"A fetus is not a human being." - Rabbi Wolfe Kelman, 1984

Bet that rabbi would be proud to know he's in such company.

NYS is highly unlikely to take advantage of new federal regulation defining the unborn, as the, well, unborn.

A friend who must remain anonymous contacted Governor Pataki's office and the State Health Department in April, when the Bush administration first proposed the regulation. According to GovPak's office and NYS DOH, NYS is extremely generous when it comes to pregnant women's health benefits. PCAP, the Prenatal Care Assistance Program, cover pregnant women up to 240 percent (gross) of the poverty level, and CHIP, the Child Health Insurance Program, covers pregnant women up to 250 percent of the poverty level. This friend was told that only ten percent of pregnant women would be helped by the new federal regulation, of which states can choose to avail themselves, or not.

True, the current benefits are generous! But this friend, being wise in the way of NYS politics, points out the very low probability that Pataki would do anything that even hints at the unborn child's humanity. "How would it look for a pro-abortion governor to support coverage for unborn children who he doesn't acknowledge even exist?"

This friend goes on to say, "the real kicker is that even though NYS would never extend benefits to unborn children, their CHIP benefits are based on eligibility, and if you look on their eligibility charts, there is a footnote that says, 'pregnant women count as two people.' "

Thursday, October 03, 2002

Patricia Heaton is a bright light in the dark cesspool of immorality we know as Hollywood.

The female lead on "Everybody Loves Raymond," who's also a Feminists for Life official, and who has a new book entitled Motherhood & Hollywood: How To Get a Job Like Mine, was recently on The O'Reilly Factor. Heaton had some interesting things to say when O'Reilly asked her about holding her pro-life views in Abortionwood:

O'REILLY: OK. Now that, obviously, takes guts in Hollywood because, in Hollywood, there's a subtext that, if you don't play the game, you know, you could lose jobs.


O'REILLY: Did you ever think of it?

HEATON: Yes, I've thought about it. On a personal level, as a Christian, it will not be Barbara Streisand I'm standing in front of when I have to make an accounting of my life.

O'REILLY: Yes. You're not going to put your resume up to...

HEATON: Yes, You know, so she...

O'REILLY: That's a good point.

HEATON: She will not be in charge of, you know, whether I get my wings or not. So, ultimately, if I had to, I could pack all this up and do something else. There's three chapters in my book about all the survival jobs I've worked. I'm very happy to go back to that if I...

O'REILLY: So you -- all right. So you're putting your moral -- your moral beliefs...

HEATON: Life is very short.

O'REILLY: ... in front of your career.

HEATON: Life is short. My mother died when I was 12. There's no guarantee that we're going to be here tomorrow.

O'REILLY: Right. But by putting your moral beliefs in front of your career, you've got to move out of Hollywood, I mean, you know, because you're the only one who does it.

What a lovely contrast Heaton provides to Streisand's pomposity, immorality, and melodramatic pretension.

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Feminism properly understood.

No more needed said. Kudos to John Augustine, the mystical, magical, cogitative, amd most importantly, amphibious, goat.

Murder the innocent and spare the guilty.

The Torch's replacement on the ballot for US Senate in NJ, if a replacement emerges from all the legal wrangling, will be Frank Lautenberg, "a supporter of abortion rights and staunch opponent of the death penalty," according to FOXNews.

Since you're reading this blog and not cursing me, it's a fair guess that you're Catholic, so the odds are decent that you oppose the death penalty. I've tried hard to acquaint myself with the various and sundry anti-death penalty arguments. None convinces me. I am in favor of the death penalty for the most heinous of crimes, where DNA evidence or other similarly persuasive evidence confirms guilt, and have been called inconsistently pro-life as a result. I'm okay with that. I respect the anti-death penalty position, but also respectfully disagree.

Thing is, the Lautenberg combination just strikes me as morally obtuse -- murder the innocent and spare the guilty.

Brave pro-life move by a WI bishop.

Amy Welborn over on In Between Naps links us to an interesting article from the soon-to-be-frigid north country. Turns out that a WI bishop has prohibited Catholics in La Crosse, WI parishes from participating in the CROP Walk, which is organized by Church World Service, an organization that fights hunger in the Third World by financing a reduction in mouths to feed, i.e., by murdering them in the womb. Memo to CWS: Too late.

Bishop's got cajones. Of the 195 dioceses in this country, his is one of only two that refuse to participate in this year's walk. That bishop is a man I can respect, a man to approach about a wider boycott of organizations that fund abortion. See my blog & the insightful comment on this topic (9/20).